Rowan Monthly Update

Hi Rowan followers

Rowan Energy continues to move forward, with some real progress being made this month.

Customer Service upgrades

The development of our customer service infrastructure is well underway. Jane has been working with Zendesk and a third-party provider to design and build a scalable model…

Welcome to September 2021 business update. This info has already been released to our Discord community.


We are progressing well with raising funds. The Rowan finance and investment team have requested further development to show the security side of the RREC (Rowan Renewable Energy Certificate).

We have also been working…

After last week’s blockchain upgrade from beta to live everything has been stable and we did not see any interruption to service.

As you will no doubt be aware since we were forced by new government legislation to close the Rowan vault, the early closure of the platform caused our…

Rowan Energy Important announcements. Your action may be required.

Due to recent government legislative changes taking effect soon a number of updates to Rowan Energy are occurring and you may be required to take action.

First, some positive news.

Despite the UK and Scotland moving into tighter Covid19 lockdown restrictions we have confirmed installs are still ok to go ahead and we will…

Rowan current staking rate extension

Rowan current staking rate extension

Due to recent changes in the UK Financial Services Authority guidelines for cryptocurrencies, Rowan Energy is currently assessing a number of products in its portfolio to ensure they fit all the legal criteria as issued

While we have not been contacted by the FSA, nor are we in breach of any FSA guidelines currently, as a business we want to ensure we are operating, and continue to operate, 100% within the guidelines as issued at all times.

As part of this, we are extending the current staking rate until 10th January and are not making the planned change to reduce the available rate on the staking platform.

Once we have clarity from our legal team we will be issuing a further update covering the operation of any affected services going forwards.

Rowan leaving Vindax Exchange

Rowan Energy has made the decision to leave Vindax exchange, and this has been confirmed with the exchange team.

Going forwards and in order to operate certain aspects of the Rowan Energy solution, in particular the automated purchase of RWN to pay home solar users, all our exchanges need API access which unfortunately Vindax are not able to support.

As such RWN will be delisted…

For the purpose of giving more information about Rowan Rewards, Rowan Energy, Recently we were hosted Ask Me anything by a couple of renowned groups and Our CEO Mr. David Duckworth answered all FAQ questions raised by normal users related to Rowan Energy and Rowan Rewards.

Q1. Introduce your self…

Some major events have been happening here at Rowan Energy!

First of all, we would like to reiterate that we are a renewable energy company first and foremost.

We use cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to achieve our goals of helping and improving the production of green energy.

Until now there has been more of a focus on the back-end of…

Things have been very busy over here at Rowan Energy! So just to keep you fully updated here is a quick breakdown and some links for you to find out more.

In particular, David has been creating short explainer videos which are being added to our YouTube channel (

It’s been a busy few days here at Rowan Energy with some big news.

🟡 Price has jumped around slightly across the exchanges, partially due to the main net upgrade & partially due to one or two mid-size market sells. …

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Making green energy production as valuable for you as it is for the environment.

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