September 2021 company update:


We are progressing well with raising funds. The Rowan finance and investment team have requested further development to show the security side of the RREC (Rowan Renewable Energy Certificate).

Tech development

We continue to patch and harden our infrastructure after scheduled pentests. We are also completing the design for server mingrations bringing all our servers into the same environment.

The national launch

The national launch is delayed slightly as we bring out the latest firmware version fo the smart miners. This fixed some bugs found in th beta launch. It enables us to push updates to and add functionality easier to the boxes too. Plus if the local internet goes down it will store the data for longer.


The tier1 launch is still going ahead — this deal is now done. They have extremely tight security protocols we are working on meeting. We have to jump through their hoops. If we where simply an ERC20 on ethereum that would be fine but by being our own blockchain they have further caution. Being that we are POA blockchain isn’t helping either, as they’re processes are designed for POW or POS. Some of these requirements are driving the Rowan blockchain 2 release.

Tokenmonics Model: Rewards Vs RWN

I am in discussion with the board to change our rewards platform to reward energy customers with RWN instead. There are several pros and cons to each strategy.


We will be launching a more robust marketing model once we are nearing the nationa launch.

House Keeping:

Rowan is now fully insured. Staff are back from summer leave this week. The new energy website should progress quickly once everyone is back at work.



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Rowan Rewards - RowanEnergyRewards

Rowan Rewards - RowanEnergyRewards

Making green energy production as valuable for you as it is for the environment.